Air Force

5 Reasons to Join the Air Force Reserve

When you think of the Air Force, some of the first things that cross the mind are drill sergeants shouting at the top of their voice, guns, unformed men and lots of discipline; however that’s just a common man’s view of the air force which is just the tip of the iceberg. When you join the military you will get several opportunities to be successful – mainly when you join the United States Air Force Reserve. Here are 5 reasons why you should join the air force reserve.

Join the Military and Still Go to College

The Air Force allows you to go to college and earn some pocket money that can help pay your tuition fees. You can serve part time in the military and enjoy full time benefits of the service. You may both choose to attend school or even pursue a civilian career, and at the same time enjoy the reward of serving your country.

Great Paying Job

The Air Force presents you one of the most well paid jobs and at the same time allows vacation time and opportunities to pursue your personal interests. While you get the time pursue your interest for gardening or playing golf, you will also receive a pay check. Whether your future plans include saving money to buy your first home or covering your expenses, airmen are the first to be able to do that. There are many other financial benefits such as bonuses and insurance available to the service men and women.

Besides the financial benefits, the family of the Air Force individuals also gets many additional benefits such as health care facilities, insurance, opportunity to join social circles, pursue passions etc.

Become Part of History

Joining the Air Force means becoming a part of history itself. You will be a part of various missions that will earn the respect of countrymen. You may have seen in the movies – heroes jumping out of sir planes to rescue people, hurricane hunters who tear through the storming skies and those that help the NASA professionals while launching rockets and delivering relief aids to areas affected by natural disasters. These people are life savers and this is what makes AFR really special.

Staying in Shape

The Air Force troops are expected to always stay fit and healthy because they might be called at the war front at any time. After you complete the basic military training, you will be in the best shape of your life.

The Uniform Demands Respect

When you put on that Air Force uniform, you will instantly feel the aura around you that demands respect. Your uniform is your pride – a symbol of all that you have seen, faced, and braved to be able to reach where you are. Your dedication, commitment and service to the country will have people saluting wherever you go, and rightfully so because an airman earns that respect!

When you retire, you will take a world of memories with you and a life meaningfully spent that you will share with family and friends back home.