Air Force Shadow Boxes

Retirement Gift Ideas for Airmen

If you are looking for a suitable gift for airmen then you are definitely doing a tough job as it is about honoring a country hero, therefore the gift should be meaningful. The military men and women have stood by us with their commitment and determination for years and they really need to be recognized for all their selfless service.

To begin with, you must realize that any retirement gift that you choose for any branch of the military should be specific, in the sense that they must include a unit, rank, year, a particular mission or some memorable photographs. Money of course doesn’t matter because it is the thought that counts. The retirement gifts or other occasion gifts for military people can be as simple as an army shadow box or plaque or it may be as expensive as a custom made statue.

In the official retirement events, the most common gifts that the service men and women receive are air force shadow boxes, plaques or shields. These are display gifts that tell tales about the period the retiree has spent in service and the various missions he has been a part of and the achievements under his belt and other memorable considerations.

The shadow boxes can be kept in the hall or living area, and they make great conversation starters for guests. They can also be kept in office. There are many stories and memories associated with the service years of the retiree that he wishes to cherish and remember for life!

Display gifts like air force shadow boxes are really special because they are a celebration of the retired person’s service years and the customized boxes display some of the well earned stars and medals. You can either have the entire box customized to reflect the soldier’s personality or for a cheaper alternative you may purchase any readymade display box with stars and symbols, and have his name, unit and rank engraved on it. Some of the displays will already have US flag and coins.

Statues and symbols are another amazing retirement gift ideas for military men and women. The eagle stands as a symbol of distinction and brilliance and thus eagle statues make meaningful gifts for honoring those who have shown outstanding bravery in serving the country. It is a great way to appreciate the person for his services and the receiver will feel truly honored with this gift and he might even keep it in his living room. These gifts can also be given to military men and women on other occasions such as birthdays, wedding and so on.

Pistols and sabers can also make great retirement gifts for the air men as they symbolize all that they have seen and done during their service years. They stand for their valor, sharpness and brilliance. Custom made replica pistols like the Old West and display swords and sabers are sure to impress the receiver of the gifts.

If you would like to present some wearable gifts to the air men and women then consider giving them army themed rings, jackets, t-shirts, watches etc.